Outdoor Electronic Signs in Pittsburgh, Uniontown, Indiana, PA, Monroeville, Jeannette, PA and Nearby Cities

Any business owner considering purchasing a led sign should consider the advantages of outdoor electronic signs. With a healthy return on investment, owners of businesses are certain to attract some new customers with outdoor electronic signs. By displaying effective advertisements that will grab viewers’ attention with dynamic colors and graphics, the performance of outdoor electronic signs can position a company ahead of the competition.

two signs displaying ads and other Outdoor Electronic Signs in Pittsburgh, Uniontown, Indiana, PA, Monroeville, Jeannette, PALet us look at the advantages of using outdoor electronic signs:


Improved engagement is another advantage of outdoor digital signage, which leaves impressions. Something like 70% of Americans saw a drove show in the previous month. Nearly 47% of those recalled seeing an advertisement. Compared to a static sign, this is a lot higher. Another Swedish study found that drivers pay much more attention to digital outdoor displays than to static billboards.


Because people’s wants and needs change, the marketing industry is constantly evolving. With a static ad, if your campaign needed to change, you would have to change your print to show it. You can change your advertisement on the fly with electronic message centers, allowing you to communicate with customers promptly.


Consider the return on investment in addition to the initial cost of installing an electronic sign. This option is less expensive than standard signage and other marketing strategies due to its long-term advantages. In addition, changing content is faster and doesn’t cost extra to install.

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