Outdoor Signs, Outdoor Electronic Signs, and Outdoor LED Signs In Pittsburgh, Monroeville, Uniontown, Jeannette, Indiana, PA, and Surrounding Areas

If you’re wanting to up your advertising game and show the world what your brand is about, then an outdoor sign is the best way to do so. As an integral part of your advertising and marketing strategy, outdoor signs such as monument signs, channel letters, pylon signs, billboards, etc can create brand awareness and increase your sales an average of 15% or more.

At Signstat Custom Signage & Lighting Solutions we have nearly 3 decades of experience serving businesses large and small in Pittsburgh, Jeannette, Monroeville, Uniontown, Indiana, PA, and the surrounding areas with quality and affordable custom sign solutions to promote their brand. With regular business sign designs and illuminated options in outdoor LED signage, we help you take your business to the next level. As a locally owned sign company, we care about helping the business in our community flourish with affordable business sign designs, and sign installations.


Outdoor Sign Options

At Signstat we take care of our custom sign design and sign installations services to save you money and get the job done quickly. With proper licensing, permitting, and expertise, our technicians get your sign or billboard installed with ease so you can start promoting your business faster. Our exterior and outdoor electric sign options include:

  • Monument Signs – Monument signs are one of the most diverse and attractive outdoor business sign options for your company. Creating a lasting first impression, monument signs are permanent structures that can be incorporated into the thoughtful architecture and landscaping of your business.
  • Electronic Message CentersElectronic message boards get your marketing messages displayed in real time and can put your business at an advantage over your competitors. Create your own advertising campaign with stunning graphics to increase your revenue and maximize your investment.
  • Pylon Signage – Pylon signs, also known as pole signs, offer greater visibility. Utilizing one pole or two multiple signs can be mounted to the pole structure to optimize your marketing strategy. Pole signs give your business greater visibility and our skilled team can complete your pylon sign installation from the ground up.
  • Channel Letter Signs – Channel Letter signs are one of the most popular. Channel letters are individual or raceway mounted 3D letters and logos that can be created in a variety of styles and sizes. Channel letters draw the customer’s eye through effective design.

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