Business Signs in Pittsburgh, Uniontown, Indiana, PA, Monroeville, and Surrounding Areas

Business Signs is the first step towards illuminating your business. While each of them has its function, when done effectively, great signage communicates remarkably and enhances business awareness. Providing clear, concise, and branded signage to your clients is an important element of your business puzzle. Customers can experience cognitive overload when they are assaulted with too much information, such as signage with excessive text and/or visuals. Clear communication via signage is an excellent way to avoid confusion and increase the possibility of the end-user making a purchase.

Extreme Laser storm Business Sign in PittsburghDirectional and safety signage are two frequent types of communication through signage.

  • The purpose of directional signage is to direct consumers to a specified location, such as toilets, parking, customer service, cashier, information, main office, individual offices in multi-tenant buildings, and so on.
  • Safety standard signage is intended to warn of hazards, identify the locations of safety equipment (fire extinguishers, first aid, AED), warn of danger and areas where caution is required, identify exit routes and/or doors, and, in recent months, provide COVID-related safety measures such as social distancing guidelines, COVID-related symptoms, and tips on how to “stop the spread.”

 A personalized sign from Signstat is the way to go if you want to boost your business and expand your client base. Outdoor electric signs give you a competitive advantage by displaying aesthetically stunning visuals that make your brand recognizable and appealing to passers-by. We have nearly 30 years of experience as a local, family-owned business offering quality custom signage at affordable prices to businesses large and small in Pittsburgh, Uniontown, Indiana, PA, Monroeville, Johnstown, PA, and Butler, PA areas. Our expert technicians put your happiness above all else as members of our local Chamber of Commerce, the ISA (International Sign Association), and the USSC (United States Sign Council). Whether we’re creating an LED sign or putting up a billboard, we’ve got you covered.